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Email Marketing $19/Month!

Aweber is an email marketing service. Whenever you opt in for one of our free reports or tips and have to give your email address it is collected by this software. 

Now we might be letting the cat of of the bag here, but when you get follow up emails after signing up they are mostly pre-written and sent out in a pre-determined sequence and at specific intervals. That is what this service does. It also personalises your emails with your name automatically (sorry if we're shattering any illusions here!).

In addition to the pre-scheduled emails you can also do broadcasts to all the people on your email list if you want to send out a specific offer or piece of information. 

Basically if you are doing any kind of lead generation where you capture peoples details and follow up with emails or if you do any sort of newsletter marketing this service makes if very easy and very efficient. Highly recommended.

Try Market Samurai For Free!

Market Samurai is an essential tool if you are doing your web marketing yourself. It does lots of things including checking your competitor SEO, finding good keywords to target in your market place and tracking how your website is performing in the search engines for those keys words or any others you specify.

This is a great piece of software that we use all the time, but it is only for the serious web marketer who knows what they are doing. If that's you buy it. If not it won't be worth your while. 

If you do wwant to track how well your website is doing in the search engines or the same for your competition, we can do this for you using this software (for a small fee).